Hi. I'm Stuart Houghton and I'm a freelance writer based in the UK
I write for both print and the web, producing blog posts, news items and long-form pieces on technology, pop culture, video games and science.
I work quickly and professionally and I can adapt my style to fit your needs.

Clients and publications I have worked on include:

BUPA Future Publishing
Superstars The New Statesman
The Pool The Arts Desk
Kotaku.com Red Bull

"Stuart was a joy to work with during his tenure at Kotaku. He has a solid understanding of gaming, gaming culture and technology and uses it to cover the day's news quickly and comprehensively." - Brian Crecente, former editor Kotaku

"Stuart is a Wonder Writer! He quickly adapted to my tone of voice and brilliantly executed our blogs, PR pieces and much more, a lovely person to work with and we cannot recommend him enough." - Steve Hutson, HomeOfSuperstars.com


Here are some examples of my recent work plus links to author listings for sites I have worked on.

New Statesman: Wolfenstein vs the Alt-Right

Filmland Empire: Dying Laughing review

Gizmodo UK author page

The Pool: Personal alarms – protecting women or a dangerous shifting of responsibility?

The Arts Desk: Tin Man Games profile

Tech Radar author page

The Arts Desk: Before the Bomb - The Art of Fallout 4

BUPA: Family Digital Detox

The Arts Desk author page